Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

Drama Putri Tidur Berbahasa Inggris

Mom                     : what's wrong with my daughter? he looked ill.
                 : you good?
Tari                         : I seemed very tired, I could not get out of bed, mother.
                                : Oh, mother was very sad to hear, wait for the mother will find physicians to recovery.

(mother out and log back in to bring a healer)

Mother                                : please heal my daughter, sir. I want her to recover.
Healer                   : good madam, I will check.
(physician fingering)
Physician             : sorry ladies, it looks like the child's mother can not be cured, if ...
                                : If what?
Physician             : if there is a man who loved to sing a love song.

Mom                     : well, I know the one.

(then come to bring amaaaat)

Rahmat                                : there is what the lady called me here?
Mom                     : you love my child, is not it?
Rahmat                                : Nonya yes, I loved him very much.
Mother                                : if you love her, please sing a song of love, because he was seriously ill.
Rahmat                                : it's very bad, well I'll sing for him.

(Rahmat singing)
(Tari wake up)

Mom                     : thank goodness, heal my son.
Tari                         : mother? I am healed.
                                : yes dear, congratulations.
Rahmat                : congratulations.
Tari                         : yes thank you.
Rahmat                : I love you.
Tari                         : (ran out of embarrassment)

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